Vector Engineers, Inc. has been in business since December 2000 and consists of a group of experienced and knowledgeable professionals with a passion for solving problems.

We specialize in geotechnical engineering, construction special inspections, geotechnical drilling, geosciences, site development consulting and more.

Our staff of engineers, geologists and support staff work together to turn your engineering concerns into your successes. Our licensed professional engineers have a minimum of a Master’s degree in engineering. Our experience in geotechnical engineering and geological sciences spans a wide range of expertise from residential issues (building settlement, drainage issues, HUD inspections and sinkholes), site geological and subsurface characterization for development for commercial and industrial facilities, river/stream bank stabilization, riverfront developments; development on mine spoil, construction on Karst sites, and seismic analyses.  We understand construction; therefore our recommendations will not be impractical or unbuildable.

The firm also provides construction management of the projects by working closely with contractors, municipalities and state agencies. The firm owns and operations it’s own drill rigs and has an experienced drill crew.  We operate a CME 45 on a tracked carrier which allows us to access even the most difficult sites and a Mobile Drill B-40 that is capable of rock coring and grouting. Most firms subcontract the drilling services on your project.  Having our own drilling equipment allows us to better control the soils data we obtain and allows us to change the exploration program quickly if needed resulting in  improved design recommendations.

In addition to our engineering consulting, Vector Engineers provides construction services on small projects to improve site drainage, revising site grades, grouting and repair of leaking dams and embankments and repair of small sinkholes and dropouts.