Mercer Stone Loading Facility

Mercer-stoneMercer Stone Quarry
Harrodsburg, Kentucky

Owner: Mago Construction Company
Bardstown, Kentucky

Geotechnical Engineer & Wall Designer: Vector Engineers, Inc

Vector Project Manager:
Wayne A. Karem, PhD, PE

Completion Date: December, 2008

Vector Engineers, Inc provided geotechnical engineering consulting for the design and construction of the Mercer Stone off loading dock. The loading dock wall was constructed to allow large rock trucks to end dump shot rock into a large crusher to manufacture limestone aggregate for use a construction material. The design was unique because the wall facing block was from excess concrete provided by the quarry over a period of years that had been stored on site. The tie back design was conducted by Vector and consisted of using Williams rock anchors drilled into the limestone highwall and secured with epoxy. The top of the wall extended about 40 feet high with the top 15 to 20 feet reinforced with geogrid with crushed stone backfill. The top of the wall and the backfill was covered with a structural slab to allow trucks to traverse the wall for end dumping of product.