Owensboro Riverport Authority: Harbor Improvements

Barge-facilityOwensboro, Kentucky

Owner and Client: Owensboro Riverport Authority

Geotechnical Engineer: Vector Engineers, Inc.

Project Managers:
W. Robert Folsom, PE
Anthony Mason, EIT

Completion Date: February, 2013

The Owensboro Riverport Authority plans to construct harbor improvements at their facility in Owensboro, Kentucky. The improvements will include the construction of a new barge terminal, the expansion of their existing dock, and a new access road for the harbor. The proposed improvements will increase the capacity of the harbor as well as increase the usability of the harbor against high water events by raising certain areas of the harbor.

Vector Engineers, Inc. provided geotechnical engineering for the planning and preliminary design for the harbor improvements that are planned for the Riverport in Owensboro, Kentucky. Our subsurface exploration included numerous soil test borings, undisturbed samples, and laboratory testing. Some of our soil test borings were conducted on the Ohio River using a river barge. In conjunction with our subsurface exploration, Vector Engineers performed an overall evaluation of the feasibility of different improvement designs. Our evaluation included the stability of the future banks, preliminary rock anchor design, erosion protection for the banks, global stability of mooring cells, and a pavement design for the proposed access road.